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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shining Light

This morning I tried hymn #2: God Is Love, His Mercy Brightens. I'm not familiar with the tune, but I can sight-read music (at least some of the time), and the words are powerful.

E'en the hour that darkest seemeth, Will His changeless goodness prove; From the gloom His brightness streameth; God is wisdom, God is love.

Somehow the darkness of this hour will prove God's changeless goodness. I've already seen it, in the abundant generosity of time, money, and prayers, poured out to us through God's people. Through the many blessings, from meeting another Jolene to selling another book to, wonder of wonders, becoming a grandmother, that God has showed on me over the past month. The darkness doesn't prove God's goodness, perhaps; but it can't hide it either. If anything, the darkness seems to provoke God's goodness. In the dark, even one candle shines brightly. And God's light brightens all of heaven, where there is no sun or moon. He IS light. The darker the hour--and this has been VERY dark--the more clearly I see God's light.

And the April sunshine that has come out to play this week helps my mood as well.

Brighten my day. Share a time when God brightened a dark time for you.

Footnote: I told a story about Jolene today (about a humorous encounter with a donkey) that focused on her life and not on her death. Progress.


Mary Connealy said...

Hey, Darlene, that was for me on Petticoats and Pistols. Thanks for stopping by.

It's wonderful to remember the good.

jaranfranklin said...

If you remember, Jolene gave us our first belly laugh after Leighton died. Remember Grandma's friend made us fresh lobster? I broke into mine first and took a few bites, then Jolene broke into hers. Remember when she looked carefully she saw all this green goo. She tried to eat around it, but couldn't do it. She got up making disgusted sounds and went inside. I felt bad for laughing at her expense, but she didn't seem to mind, she just wanted to get away from that lobster. She sure helped make that special trip extra fun.