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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Yesterday I attended a one-day seminar sponsored by OCFW, the local branch of ACFW.

Oh, the joy of being with other writers. How I've needed it. How I've missed it. Between deadlines and surgery, I've only made it to two other meetings this year.

Add to the fellowship the usual "buzz" I feel after I've presented a successful workshop (Mine was on "Settings that Shine.")

Having friends from Tulsa stop by just to see me.

The energy I received! When I got home, I sat and finished a chapter that had been driving me crazy all week.

The writing community is an amazing family. Their ministry to my family at the time of my daughter's death was a great testimony to my mother. And it always amazes that among Christian writers, the denominational differences that divide so much of christendom simply melt away. A common calling and passion unite us.

The experience reminded me of the importance of staying connected via my blog, Facebook, or whatever. For my sake. And maybe I have something to offer you as well.

Monday, October 3, 2011


The new TV season is upon us.

One of the benefits of the explosion of cable TV in recent years is that we have new programming almost year-round. I spend my summers watching TNT and USA, Lifetime and A&E. (Yes, I watch WAY too much television.)

But now it's time to settle back for the big 3 networks plus Fox. Pluses and minuses for the new series (all drama. I never seem to watch comedies except in reruns) I've also ignored the new reality entries, X Factor and Sing-Off:

Terra Nova: The story instantly drew me in (unlike this summer's Falling Skies). I also like the strong family element. It's good to envision a future where families are still at the center of our culture! And I like the way they use the children to show different reactions to going 85 million years into the past.

Unforgettable: In spite of my great liking for the mystery genre, I found this rather boring.

Revenge: I actively disliked this show. In my second Texas Trails book, A Ranger's Trail, I explore vengeance vs. justice. . . I like my take better. LOL.

The two sixties dramas; Playboy Club vs. Pan Am: I only got through about half of Playboy Club and won't go back. Besides the obvious sexual overtones, it takes a heavy-handed approach to issues ranging from homosexuality to bulimia. Pan Am,on the other hand, breathes the spirit of Camelot into the show through four well-defined and interesting stewardesses.

Charlie's Angels: I didn't watch a lot of the original series. But it's fun to watch these angels kick the bad guys' butts and Bosley is sexy this time around.

Person of Interest: I love the premise. And it's great to have Ben back with us. I enjoyed this version of a mystery!

Prime Suspect: I was curious as to how they would recreate Helen Mirren's career-making role. I find this Jayne to be sassy, smart, strong. A definite plus to the mystery genre. If nothing else, I love her hat!

What have you seen that liked? Hated? Feel free to chime in on those comedies as well.