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Sunday, September 25, 2011


This past month, I have reaped all the effort I put into writing books earlier this year: I received author copies of Christmas at Barncastle Inn (25, Lone Star Trail (75), and Knight Music (35). And if those three boxes didn't clutter up my living room badly enough, I also received author copies of another Heartsong title, Nora's Rainbow by Peggy Darty. Barbour said it costs to much to return them, so I get to keep them and give them away . . .In the meantime, they take up space on my shelf.

But oh, it feels so good to have the books in my hands.

Also, it took all week (problems with the aides helping me post-surgery) but at last I have bundled up all promised books to potential influencers and sent them out. Yay! Now I'll be awaiting interviews and reviews with baited breath.

Oh, and at the recent ACFW conference, editor Becky Germany announced they will be awarding a contract for a Christmas novella for next year, Postmark: Christmas, to Paige Winship Dooley, Kathy Kovach, Paula Moldenhauer and me. This is Paula's first book contract, so rejoice with her especially!

And I have even made progress in writing.

I can tell I'm over the surgery. My old problems are back. Leg cramps and imsomnia at night. As long as my body was healing, I fell into an instant deep sleep and stayed that way for eight solid hours. Not anymore. Sigh.

On the plus side, I've made it to choir rehearsal and ladies' Bible study for two weeks, so praise the Lord!

Monday, September 12, 2011


I drew my head above water after finishing my last book. . .and promptly had emergency surgery.

I'm fine, 3 weeks post op, well on my way to recovery.

Grandma time! My grandson Isaiah is now one year old. I sang happy birthday to him on the phone. He responded by telling me a long story (just like his dad at that age). It was so sweet. He and Jordan both love music and dance . . . they have a lot of their grandma in them (Jordan also adores books and knows Grandma cherishes them as well.)

My other babies have arrived! Two books are currently available on Amazon and everywhere are sold: