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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Two red-letter days. Both life and faith affirming

(If you wonder where I've been lately, continue reading.)

After months of silence from editors, and declining health, I asked the Lord if He wanted me to continue writing. Did He ever give me an answer!

First, a quiet note from the copy editor for Bride's Rogue in Roma, Texas: "a very lovely story."
Next, an enthusiastic email from a fan saying how much she loves my books and even quoting my words back to me . . .
Then news from my agent that close to ten editors want propoals from me.

You writers out there know how seldom days like this come. Neon letters written on my heart that God has more books for me to write.

I didn't know how soon I would need that absolute assurance.

Two days later I woke  up, unable to get out of bed. I lay with my legs dangling over the side and me lying down for 24 hrs.

And went to the hospital. Staff infection, high fever, dehydrated. Not to mention a right arm that screamed every time someone touched it. Unconnected to the infection but of the 2 problems, the one that caused me the most trouble.  I spent 17 days in the hospital, antibiotics flowing through an IV. sent home, taught how to administer the antibiotic, but still bedbound.

God's promise that He had more books for me to write illuminated the days when I wondered if Iwould even get to live on my own again.

Friday #2: 2 days ago.  Physical therapist came and I not only sat on the edge of my back but also stood!  I aso received word of a sale! (not free to share details yet) Evidence of the not yet completely fulfilled promises.

Praise the Lord with me.