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Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'll See Her Again

I am just as tired tonight as I was last night. Even worse, perhaps, for I came in the door crying and screaming. Then I remembered … I ran out of my thyroid medicine on Tuesday. Oops. Add that to a full work week, and no wonder I’m tired. Somehow knowing there are physical as well as emotional reasons for the exhaustion eases my self-disgust.

So rather than dwell on that episode, I will talk about my wise granddaughter.

My dear son Jaran mentioned Shannon on yesterday’s blog. At the memorial service Shannon attended, she told Jaran, “Besides, you’ll see her again.”

Oh, the precious faith of a child—the kind of faith Jolene always had, pure, undivided, regardless of the countless ways that God’s people disappointed her.

So … I’m no poet, but that sounds like a poem. I’ll try.

I’ll see you again.
I wish you were here.
My arms are empty.
His arms hold me.
Holidays, holy days, the first alone.
First of forever.
No one to care, no one to share.
I see it all.
I wish you were here.
I’ll see you soon.


Lianne said...

Hi Darlene. I'm sorry I've been "absent" the past few days. Life just got in the way of my blogging and commenting. But I'm back. I liked your poem. I don't do poetry. Never could. It's a talent I admire so much in others. I hope you have a nice nice as it can be under the circumstances. Still praying for you.

Mary Connealy said...

That's a beautiful poem. It really evoked an emotional response in me and that's what poetry is supposed to do, isn't it?

How the medicine helps even things out and renew your energy.

Anonymous said...

It's a lovely poem. I've always enjoyed your writing, and this poem has special meaning, so I love it even more. Please know you are daily in my (and many other's) prayers.

All My Love,


Tanya Hanson said...

Darlene, I'm sorry I haven't been around lately, but you've been in my prayers. We've gotten good news: remission, but he's in hospital getting his white count, potassium and magnesium back to normal. Plus we're both getting some much-needed rest.

Yes, you'll see Jolene again. Keep good memories close to comfort you in the meantime.