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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hard Day's Night

After I spent a night tossing and turning, Mom, Jaran and I worked for six solid hours today going through the majority of Jolene’s things. Surprising things brought tears to my eyes: Jolene’s karate gui, the infant/child size 6 uniform that she wore when she played soccer in kindergarten, the “Jekyll & Hyde” T-shirt that reminded of us of the wonderful time we went to see the musical when it came through Denver.

One thing that stopped us all in our tracks, a poem Jolene wrote on November 11, 2004, an eerily-prophetic piece. Some of you know that Jolene won awards for her poetry. This isn’t quite “polished,” but it’s beautiful and it makes us cry. It expresses Jolene’s feelings as well as our own.

In Dire Need

Prayed in this moment in time,
That this time has made,
In dire need I call out to you.
Sorrow fills my soul
Like an ocean tossing and turning
Leaving behind a hole that cannot be filled.
Life is like ashes in the wind
Blowing away where none can see
Leaving behind a hole of sorrow.
Oh, Lord, please bring me back again.
Still these waters of mine.
Fill this hole of sorrow
With rays of joy.


jaranfranklin said...

It is such an incredible poem. I can't help but get weepy when I read it.

jaranfranklin said...

In my life, I doubt I've read a more powerful piece. What a heart she had. I know the LORD treasures her. I wish she could have endured more, though it was always painful to see how much she endured in her short life. May the LORD answer her prayer. I wonder what she will be like when we see her again. Heaven has yet another treasure waiting for us.