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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Theology of Blessing

A dear friend recently challenged me to consider a "theology of blessing."

The nearest I've come to understanding comes from Matt Redmon's song:
Every blessing You pour out
I'll turn back to praise
When the darkness closes in, Lord
Still I will say

Blessed be the name of the Lord!

Because I see God's blessing clearest in a time of darkness. These past few months have been a time of darkness, physically and financially.

At the same time, God has blessed me abundantly. With friends who support me with prayers, friendship, visits, cards--time.  With a series of small miracles, that I have in less than a month made more progress than my physical therapist thought was possible the first day he worked with me.

With enabling me to finish two book edits, land another contract, and make progress on finishing the next books that are due. Oh, yes, and sending out more proposals.

With readers who have honored me with personal emails, blog posts, and book reviews talking about how my writing has touched them--the reason why I write. Opening doors to readers who don't share my faith, who like my writing.

Which is it? Blessing or trial? Glass half empty or half full?

With Redmon, I will affirm "Blessed be the name of the Lord!"

P.S. If you want to know more details of those trials, you only have to check out my Facebook postings and prayers requests on several loops. 

P.S.S. If you missed out on my book giveaway a couple of weeks ago, let me know if you're still interest.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


You may have seen the poster hanging in your doctor's office: a straight line numbered from 1 to 10. Under "1" is a big smiling face. "No pain." By the time you get to five, the smile has flattened out. Some pain is bearable. 10 is, of course, a full fledged frown, with tears.

And then the doctor's questions. How would you describe the pain? Sharp? throbbing? aching?

You could say that pain and I have become well acquainted over the past year.

So have I been in pain this past week? Of course. At times, scream-out-loud pain.

For the most part, though, it's been the throbbing pain of stiff muscles finally getting a workout. Not the sharp pain that kept me from using my right arm for weeks. With my therapist's help, I have made it first of all out of bed and finally, on Friday, all the way from my bed to the living room. And I've been out of the house twice for appointments. How intoxicating fresh air feels on my skin!

So I am rejoicing! 

Also good news on the writing front. I received the contract for a novella, Angel in Disguise, to be published in Texas Brides Collection. Another editor has asked for additional information on another proposal; and my book Plainsong was featured on a letter from the new Heartsong editor to all previous Heartsong authors.

This morning, one television pastor said, "Grace is when God comes to you before you know you need Him. He's helping you before you need help."  Talking about the post-resurrection appearance of Jesus in John 21, when He comes to the disciples who have gone fishing. If we are open, God will take us from where we are (a catch of nothing) to where He wants us to be (world-changers, in the case of those disciples).

This week I felt like God picked me up where I was and pulled me forward. And I am grateful beyond words.

Stiff muscles, screaming pain, and all.

***For those who left a comment last week. . .I believe you all have my email address.  Contact me, I'd love to send you a book.***

P.S. For those who left a comment the week before last, I expect to send all your books this week. A few people didn't leave me an email address to respond to, or haven't supplied a mailing address. If that is your case, please leave that again this week.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Today the calendar turns to Mother's Day, definitely one of my unfavorite days of the year since I lost my daughter and my mother and my son is torn between me--and his wife, mother-in-law, and two grandmothers-in-law.

So the statement from a TV preacher this morning really resonated with me. Grief is leftover love. 

I grieve the loss of two people who meant so very much to me. Also, it's a day when the world stops to honor their mothers . . .so even my usual outlets for friendship are cut off, leaving me in my bed, utterly alone . . .

Leftover love should find a new object . . . I don't know who. (Besides the gifts of my two beautiful grandbabies) Nor how I can show love since I only see people when they come to see me.

But it's a glimpse into what God wants for me, from me. . . That He intends for me to live a love-filled life.

This week has been a mixture of ups and downs. I stood under my own power and the last time in therapy I walked 28 steps . . . Huge progress!

Other times like today my legs ache. Yesterday one of the healing wounds from my infection reopened and started oozing blood. That even after 30 days of antibiotics and all I've been through, it may not be over. . .I cried like I haven't throughout most of this process.

Please know I appreciate the large numbers of you who have reached out to me during this difficult time . . . all your thoughts and arms reaching out in love have meant a great deal. I am not complaining about a lack of love shown to me, but a lack of people to love with that same intensity.

Some of you stopped by my blog last week, left an encouraging word (thank you!) but no email address . . . if you haven't heart from me about your free book, email me privately at belovedfranklin (at) hotmail (dot) com.

May today bring blessings to all of you.

P.S. Here's a final thought: I write Christian romance. At least some of my "leftover love" gets poured into them!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Darlene Franklin: FOUR WALLS

Darlene Franklin: FOUR WALLS:

Nuri: You have won a book. Please get in touch!

This morning my aide asked if I was tired of being in bed. Well, of course!  Except for a few ventures on my feet with a few bold steps, I...


This morning my aide asked if I was tired of being in bed.

Well, of course!  Except for a few ventures on my feet with a few bold steps, I have been in bed 24/7 since the week before Passion Week. My physical therapist says I'm getting stronger, although it's hard for me to judge. (standing and walking more on my own power than because he's dragging me.)

Given that fact, I'm surprised I'm not more stir crazy than I am. I'd like some kind of poster or maybe a whiteboard on the wall facing my bed to give me something to chew on.

I may make it (favorite encouraging Bible verse) a giveaway contest on Facebook

I spend a lot of time writing, but it goes slowly when I work with one hand. Only 3000 word in the past week. Of course, I did also manage to get 2 synopses off to my agent, yeah.

And sometimes the pain in my right hip is too fierce to stand the weight of the laptop in my lap.

Limited TV choices ... bedroom TV only gets 13 channels. So I'm missing several of my favorite shows.

I have 6½ books still to read as a Carol judge. Getting through those slowly.

Within these four walls, however, I can see . . . the watercolor of a street in Mexico City painted by my hostess so many years ago.

A musical statue of a mother holding her child, playing "Wind Beneath My Wings," from my mother,

A teddy bear that I clutch close every night, from Jolene.
even if I
A phone in a lanyard around my neck so I can call for help . . . and receive a phone call from Jordan, even if I only understand one word in five!

A plush gray kitty given to me to remind me of Talia, from my friend Barbara

And speaking of Talia . . . she is my constant companion, taking up permanent residence in my guest chair. She has handledmall the stranger and hubub with more calm than I might have expected. She even knows when  to expect my aides and goes out to the main room to welcome them in.

Of course Talia isn't all gray, but the gift shop didn't have a lynx point Siamese model.

And the Thunder swept the defending NBA champs in 4 straight games.

Please pray for me, physically, emotionally, spiritiually, financially, and as always, my writing.