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Sunday, June 15, 2014


I am running into a time crunch with my next deadline. For that reason, I will stop writing in this blog until July.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Another week with little reading--I am turning up the focus on my next book.

I have passed the halfway point of my novella, Priceless Pearl.  Hurrah!

And I received the cover of my August release, Preacher Brides, which includes my story Miss Bliss and the Bear.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


No blooms awarded this week, but encouragement from a multi-published poet to submit my poem Angel for publication.  I also sent off my poem about "Please tell me I'm not a bad mother" to a possible compilation.

But here are my poems for the week.

The prompt was about lies--white lies like "How are you?" "Fine, thank you."

So this first poem is about which is: to lie or go along with a friend's delusion

The Angel

She holds her angel with newborn care
Feeding her spoons of applesauce.
The food dribbles down Angel’s chin.
“Look. She has two new teeth.”
Two perfectly shaped teeth
Peek over the bottom lip.

 She knows I know Angel is a doll.
But I tell her that’s okay.
She needs something to cherish
And protect and live for.
Living flesh or plastic doesn’t matter

 Now others bring their babies too
Meal time has become a nursery
And she has changed her tune.
“I know Angel is a doll.”
She tucks the baby in a blanket.
“I’m not stupid.”

Only confused.

Darlene Franklin ©2014

Please Tell Me I’m Not a Bad Mother

 I’m such a bad mother—consider
The facts—my son danced with drugs ‘til
His arrest, stomping my heart
Mental illness coiled ‘round
My girl, squeezing joy
‘Til she gave in
To despair                  
Bad, bad

Didn’t you hear?
Her heavenly song
He reads God’s word all day
I’m proud to claim him—surprise
He’s proud too. Mistakes? Too many
But in God’s rule, He rewrites the past

Darlene Franklin ©2014

Form: Quintella


I run from gunshots ev’ry time
A fire shoots sparks, and I draw back 
Those few who answer the attack
Go to not from that scary clime
From all deserve respect sublime

Imago Dei

In hands You made I feel the rain
My eyes search far across the plain
A single whiff smells stormy night
Go, taste the drops before they gain  
Ears hear the roll of thunder’s fright

Darlene Franklin ©2014


Monday, June 9, 2014


Recently I read a devotional on Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides. The book is Daily Reflections on the Names of God by Ava Pennington.

In the devotional, she talked about how Joseph's presence in Egypt allowed him to answer his family's prayer for food. Her challenge: How might Yahweh Jireh want me to provide for someone I am praying for today?

I prayed that God would help me be a friend to people who are hurting, instead of getting angry. (I was thinking of my aides.)

I even prayed that God would give me the grace to take action when the opportunity presented itself.  You know, how when you pray for patience and so God gives you the opportunity to be patient?

Flash forward a few hours. A lady who has become a good friend came to lunch late and then, as always, took a very long time to eat. When I finished eating, I prepared to leave. She begged me, "please stay."

I left anyway . . .and felt guilty but didn't turn back,

Today I took an extra ten minutes with her. Feeling virtuous, I headed for my room. Said hi to another dear lady.

Who asked me--you guessed it--to come in to visit.

I said no, but no further than a foot past her door before I turned back.

I still have to figure out the puzzle of churly aides.

Anyhow--maybe my challenge is yours as well. Maybe we already know what we should do, and pray for grace--and "just do it."

Thursday, June 5, 2014

READING AND WRITING May 29-June 4, 201

Not much to report this week. I've written 1 2/3 chapters of my novella, Priceless Pearl. Not as much as I need to have written . . .

And I've only 60 pages or so of my WWII romance. I've enjoyed it so far, but time has been short.

Hopefully I will have more news to report next week!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

POETRY ZONE MAY 28-June 3, 2014

Today is one of those high-as-a-kite days. Two of this week's poems, My World is Blue and Maya Angelou is Dead, were chosen as this week's blooms at

So here they are:

Prompt: "I Dreamed About. . ."


Once upon a time I was a Musketeer
Living a dream I didn’t know I wanted
Death knocked at my door, leaving me

Alone I entered my nursing home jail
Living a nightmare I earned by bad choices
Hospitals blew down my house of cards

Crippled I dozed in my chair on wheels
Existing in a vacuum I need help to survive
Air warmed me, body and spirit

Waiting I sensed unseen angel wings
Not believing, I could not deny them
Musketeers reunited, hope reignited

Form: Royal Rime


Today my world is blue and I am blessed
Pastel walls framed with wood and white welcome
Me, dressed in sky blue and sunflowers, guest
Blanket of walnut and fern, rub my thumb
Accents of tropical blooms my anthem
Shower cleanses me behind violet blue sheets
Aqua to robin’s egg, my life is sweet

Darlene Franklin ©2014

Maya Angelou is dead

Maya Angelou is dead
She spoke for rock, river and tree
Word-wrought spell brought light as it spread

She spoke for nations, worlds and me
Unique yet united are we

No longer caged by mortality
Her song leaps from star to star, free

Darlene Franklin ©2014

Monday, June 2, 2014


Where did May go? To a week in the hospital and. . .what?

All kinds of issues have been resolved.

  • I actually have therapy five days a week. I am standing more easily and walking more. My arms are stretching higher, as well as my "core." I am so very glad.
  • The rapid weight gain has finally stopped. Not losing weight yet, but it's a step in the right direction.
  • I finished the Women of the Bible devotional project. It challenged and blessed me in a zillion ways. I wrote about women R-T. From the Matriarchs Rachel, Rebekah and Sarah to women of infamy (Sapphira, anyone?) and many others I didn't even recognize, my eyes having glazed over their names in those long genealogy lists.
  • Started a novella for Barbour. I am delighted to be working with Barbour again.
  • Seeing real progress in the ladies I eat with every day. I can count on one lady saying the same thing every day, but the other three of us have conversations on a variety of topics.
  • I am sleeping well.  I go through long spells of not sleeping well, so it's a blessing.
  • My oldest granddaughter graduated from high school. A happy time for the family indeed.
  • Apparently without my knowledge I am now on both Medicaid and Medicare, which allows me a lot more versatility in medical coverage.
  • After years of suspecting I have sleep apnea, it was confirmed. And the hospital doctor told me the bipap machine I'm using could add 5 years to my life.  (Why didn't we check this earlier?)
  • Winning a bloom of the week for two poems at  I'm still treating poetry as a fragile Christmas ornament that I have no idea what to do with it. But apparently I'm a good poet. (Three wins on three months)
I've made several changes, all at once, which leave me feeling drained. And downright hungry at others. I didn't think my rapid weight gain was due to my eating habits. They hadn't changed, but the rate of gain did. But. . .I did change my diet. I'm actually eating most vegetables now. (Shock, I know, for those of you who know me in person).  Double portions of protein to help with wound healing. Half of carbs, literally. One slice of bread on sandwiches. Bottom half of a hamburger bun. And so on. No added sugar. Little salt and butter, but I had already made that change.

I already mentioned the daily therapy--welcome but exhausting.

But then they finally identified the biggest problem with the weight: I've been drinking too much! Close to my six to eight cups of water. . .plus 1-2 diet cokes, 1 cup of coffee, and 2 drinks with each meal. I've been cut to half of that. 2 tiny glasses (milk and juice) for breakfast, a cup of water with miralax, 1 small glass of tea at lunch and supper, 1 cup of water for taking meds throughout the day. And one final cup that I can use any way I wish. I'm sure they would prefer I drink water but I choose between juice, diet coke, and coffee.

So when my mouth gets during therapy, I pop a couple of ice chips in my mouth. When I cough. . .that's a problem.

None of the changes by themselves have been difficult. Surprisingly so. But every now and then I want to splurge. To have cup of coffee in the morning. To have two pieces of birthday cake, or two cookies instead of one. (I know, I'm blessed that I still get small portions of desserts). For me to be the one to remind a nurse, "I can't have that."

So thanks for you for "listening." It helps to remember all the reasons for rejoicing.