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Monday, June 9, 2008

We Live

On the way home tonight I was listening to the song "We Live" by Superchick.

The first verse describes a mother who lost her son in a car accident. What would she trade for another few minutes with her child?

The parallels are obvious.

Her advice? "We live. We love. We forgive and never give up."

In other words, don't crawl in a hole when things go wrong. Keep reaching out. Keep our hearts open and vulnerable, even though that may bring pain. We never give up. Because "the lives we are given are gifts from above."

I guess that's what I'm doing with Marius. We went out to dinner together on Sunday, and we talked about getting together again in July. Last year he lit fireworks on the terrace of Jolene's apartment. The fun is gone without someone to share it. But being together helps both of us.

Don't let grief shackle my heart with bitterness.

Instead, keep it open as a portal for God's love.

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Mary Connealy said...

I get so much pleasure out of contemporary Christian music. It is one of God's blessings in my life. I always hope people can get a fraction of the joy and wisdom and entertainment and worship from one of my books.