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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Invisible: The Widow’s Mite

This week I’m studying the story of the widow’s mite in Desperate Woman of the Bible by Jo Kadlacek.

We all know the story. Jesus warned His disciples against teachers of the law who made a show of piety. They sat and watched people give offerings. Mark says simply “Many rich people threw in large amounts.” (Mark 12:41)

Then a widow came and put in two copper coins, almost as worthless then as it is now. Jesus drew attention to her offering. “She, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.” (Mark 12:43)

For almost two millennia since that simple offering, the widow’s sacrifice has challenged us to give more, to give all, to our Savior.

Here’s a thought: the woman never knew God noticed her offering. Not this side of heaven, anyhow. Jesus didn’t announce it with a bullhorn. He pulled His disciples aside and told them privately.

She felt, I’m sure, invisible. Loving God with all her heart, soul, mind and strength—and believing no one cared. Except in some deep part of her heart, hoping, trusting, believing that at least God must care.

Of course she was anything but invisible. If only she had known.

I have probably mentioned before that at times I feel invisible. I write, sing, work, care for my family, and wonder if anyone notices. Honor—in terms of promotions or major book contracts or solos—come to others, not me. If someone mentioned me at a team meeting or among Christian writers, they wouldn’t recognize my name. I long for the honor accorded to the teachers of the law, and chastise myself for it.

I have probably also mentioned that the days following Jolene’s death smashed that worldview. How could I feel invisible and unknown with hundreds of cards and emails flowing in from every corner of the globe?

Through that experience, I glimpsed what God has always known. I am visible to the most important audience possible. He has seen, He has chastised when needed, He has encouraged and commended and comforted. And He has pointed me out to others.

Invisible no more.

Footnote: Mom’s having a ball at her reunion!

1 comment:

Mary Connealy said...

This is something I try to keep in mind, Darlene, for the exact reason you're focusing on. That the lady got no attention.

Jesus's lessons over and over and over have a different meaning if we realize that Jesus's first priority is our souls.

He knew that the widow's heart was in the right place. He knew her soul was true and faithful. She knew it too. It wasn't for her, getting a pat on the back from Jesus. It was giving.

The Bible has a different meaning many times if, in our study, we focus on the soul of the person not the physical body or the words they speak.