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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Three Little Girls

I said I would tell my happy story tonight. Thank God I can. Yes, today is the 3 month anniversary of Jolene's official date of death. I have felt and grieved deeply for several days. Jaran (my son) just called and said, "We're the only ones marking these anniversaries." I am truly blessed to be here with Mom; we support each other.

But today the cloud has lifted, at least a little, and I have a little anecdote to share.

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Back to the story. You know I enjoy watching children. So I noticed when Mom and three girls brought Dad & Grandpa to the restaurant for a Father's Day dinner on Sunday.

The three girls ranging in age from maybe four to nine couldn't have been more different.

The youngest wore khaki shorts, a big shirt (the kind that you wear unbuttoned and that flops around your hips) and sneakers. She looked like she was ready to go out and play softball or soccer, whatever her fancy.

The middle girl wore a flowery dress and dress white shoes.

The oldest? Dark leggings and a tunic, with sandals.

The only things they had in common was their fair hair--and the fact they shed their shoes as soon as possible.

On the way out, Mom complimented the parents on letting their children be themselves. They beamed at the comment.

Three girls I've never met...but I felt like I knew them just watching them share a family meal.

Jolene definitely had her own flare. Our three generations made an impression whenever we went places together. And yes, now she's missing ... but that wasn't on my mind on Sunday.

I just enjoyed the beauty and uniqueness of God's creation. We all have different personalities, and that's the way God planned it.


Mary Connealy said...

Thanks for sharing a happy story with me, Darlene.

Katy Lin :) said...

this is precious - and you tell it so well! i can picture every moment! thank yoU!

Deb said...

True, God has a wonderful plan for us all. Deb