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Sunday, February 2, 2014


Today is a definite mixed bag.

I am considering creating a new blog, with a slight change in focus. I would like to post five days a week, Monday - Friday, along the lines of:

  • Monday - my usual slice of life/family/nursing home happenings and the like
  • Tuesday - moving my daily nibble to this website, Tuesday and Friday
  • Wednesday - a poem
  • Thursday - update on writing and reading
  • Friday - second daily nibble
And if I think I can handle it, I would love to have guest authors on the weekends. . .

So what do I share, here, today, on my familiar Sunday schedule? (Understand I do get the irony of expanding my blog when I've had a problem keeping up with Sundays only.)

Odds and ends.  :)

A new contract: I get to write 30 devotionals about women of the Bible for a book coming from Barbour. I am writing about women from Rachel through the Shulammite.

A new book cover: Here is the cover for  Colorado Melodies, which includes my first ever book, Romanian Rhapsodies, as well as the sequels, Plainsong and Knight Music. 

A new book: I am 25% through the rough draft of my next contracted book, Runaway Love.

A new poem: Inspiration: the first line from another poem. The form was meant to be a Lento but I didn't quite understand it.

The borrowed line comes from "She Walks in Beauty" by Lord Byron.

She walks in beauty, like the night
Broken dreams restored whole
Or crushed beyond repair, a
Token of her tattered life

Phoenix-like, beauty rises
From pain’s conflagration.
Night’s wrongs burn under day’s sun
Numb no more, her soul flies free  

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