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Sunday, February 16, 2014


I'm not feeling so great tonight. We've had a stomach bug circulating the building and it finally made it's way to me. So far I have it "light." Aside from throwing up for about twelve hours, I only feel flu-achy and extra tired.  Considering my roommate's non-stop cough, that's nothing.

Anyhow, I passed the anniversary of Mom's birthday without much sadness.  But it's "that" time of year, with two birthdays and two anniversaries, so your prayers are appreciated.

It was also Valentine's Day, of course. I won a beautiful red teddy bear for winning the Bingo black out game. She's adorable. Definitely a girl, with curly black lashes.

Today my son came with the babies today. I had accumulated Bingo prizes--plastic horses and plyboard puzzles--for the kiddos. Jaran said Isaiah clamored to see me today. That made me feel good. We actually talked in sentences today. . .

Funny for Jaran calling, like I've heard Shelley do often, "Jordan Elizabeth! Isaiah Jaran! Get over here now!"

Not a memorable week with my tablemates, but neither have we had arguments.

All in all, a good week.

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