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Sunday, February 23, 2014


A question I'm asked goes something like this: Do you base your characters on people you know?

The answer is . . . as always, with me. . .yes and no.

When my mother died, my next several heroines lost a parent in a way that impacted the story,

Now I'm in a nursing home and--yup--the nursing is starting to crop up

I proposed a nursing-home based romance which was rejected.

Then in Saving Felicity, she made the difficult decision to put her aunt into a nursing home.  That one will be published.

I have submitted a proposal for a Christmas story called The Three Wise Women of Christmas. Three nursing home residents encourage their hair dresser. I'm hoping it will be the beginning of several stories about the feisty ladies.

They will be a composite, with my own twist, on the lovely ladies I have met here. Both residents and staff will make an appearance.

And this week's poetry challenge suggested the title, "Waltz of Words." My mind ran through the conversations at my table . . . and so I wrote this poem.

Join me at the table and dance with us.


Dining tables assigned, the same four practice day after day
With Wanda, our dance takes no form
Here, she opens an eye. Yesterday, she said “no,” outraged.
The food choice brings her voice out of hibernation.
Today, her spoon scoops all bites into her mouth
Tomorrow her hand will fall into the plate, painting it as green as peas
For Peggy, we tap dance to bring words to life.
I say, “The fish tastes good today.”
Virginia starts her favorite song. "I don’t like fish. My father. . .”
I interrupt, unwilling to dance to the same song.
Peggy touches my sleeve. “What are you talking about?
“The fish,” I say.
“I don’t know anything about fish.” She brings a flaky bite to her mouth.
Virginia and I dance on. . .we know
humor . . .pain . . .love. . .loneliness
For a magical moment, we mesh,
Our words floating above the table in a perfect three-step.

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