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Thursday, February 13, 2014


Having the Nook has allowed me to indulge myself as of old!  Even better, a lot of  Christian books, series, and authors which I have desired to try are available for free.  I have loaded more than 40 books on my Nook, most of them for free.

Here are two I read this week:

Of Stardust by February Grace.  A fantasy based on the concept of where fairygodmothers (and fathers) come from and how they train. Add the twist that no two can fraternize with each other without giving up their powers, and find a pleasant, fun twist to fantasy and romance.

Love in the Great Southland by Mary Hawkins. Mary is an Australian author whom I met at a ACFW conference. She brings her international voice to bear in this well-told story of an arranged marriage where husband and wife come to love each other near Adelaide, New South Wales, Australia.

Writing, on the other hand--not much down. I have focused on writing devotions, and doing some initial research for my women of the Bible assignment. I finally wrote one today. I checked if aything I've already written could be used as the basis for a new one. Unfortunately no. :(

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