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Thursday, February 27, 2014


Your prayers paid off! The book I hoped to write for Christmas wasn't accepted. However, I learned that one of my previous books (Miss Bliss and the Bear) will be packaged with several others in a book called Preacher Brides, to come out later this year.

I've been invited to submit proposals for two more collections, so I am waiting to hear news on those as well.

God knew I needed some good news and sent it my way.

I was the guest last week at Inner Source. Fay did a great job with the interviews, so I'd appreciate it if you stop by and encourage her. and a couple of posts before that.

As for writing itself, I received edits back on Saving Felicity The editor likes it! And says the edits are light. Always good news.

I am making progress on Runaway Love. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless

Reading: I am close to the end of A Passion Most Pure. It's been delightful and unpredictable so far.

My writing life is about to get hectic. Thank God!

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