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Thursday, August 7, 2008

A New Concern

Mom learned last week that she has "severe" stenosis, that is, a calcification and narrowing of her aorta. Tomorrow she goes to see a cardiologist.

This, only days after she learned that her bone density has decreased by 50%. It feels as if she has become frail overnight.

Mom moved here five years ago after a stroke. Aside from a mild weakness in her right leg, she's enjoyed good health. We have had the freedom to do many things together.

That may be changing. For now, she cannot drive. She hates loses her independence and being a burden on anyone. I am so glad she is here--that we are not separated by 2400 miles while she makes this transition. Yet it is a challenge for me as well, to honor her and care for her while continuing with my other routines.

When you think of us tomorrow, say a prayer.

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Ruthie said...

My Mom lived with us for 11 years after my Dad passed away. It was such a blessing to have her with us. The last two years she was battling a bad back, broken hip, and then cancer. I was so glad she was with me so I could care for her. I wouldn't trade those years with my mom for anything. And now, looking back, it is even more special to have had that quality time with her.
I'll definately pray for you as you go through these changes with her.