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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


God has sent me a love note this week, and affirmed it by expressing it three different ways.

First love note:
I sometimes wonder if my blog matters to anyone but me. A new friend posted here for the first time on Monday. I won't repeat her story, but she made it clear that what I have written changed her life. Wow. If I have only helped that one person ... it's worth it.

Second love note:
I have never met "Ausjenny" (who may be familiar to those of you involved with ACFW)in the flesh. She read Gunfight at Grace Gulch and contacted me for an interview. Earlier this week, she posted her review of my book ( Wow! Her comments made my spirit dance. She said in part, "This story is way more than just a cozy Mystery (and a very good one at that), it deals with insecurities and self doubts and how we can learn from them and grew. I wanted to go to Grace Gulch and I want to visit Cici's store." What a blessing to know the story, not only the mystery, resonated with at least one reader.

Third love note:
My son called to thank me. Specifically, he praised me for working day in and day out, whatever had happened at home the night before, regardless of whether or not I liked the job. That the roof over our heads and the clothes on our backs came from my hard work. Then he said--in words that would make any mother cry--"I now see how much you loved us, to work like that."

Thank You, God, for Your love notes, at a time when I feel overwhelmed.


Janice Thompson said...

To answer your question, yes, it matters. I wandered over here today to see what you were up to and read your most recent post. I've had a hard week. Even though it's been almost two years since my dad died, it's still really hard. I saw a scene in a movie the other day where a father (about my dad's age when he passed) asked his daughter to dance. As soon as they started dancing, the tears came. I remember at my daughter's wedding when my father took me in his arms for a spin around the dance floor. (He was quite a dancer.) Also, yesterday I found myself mourning the death of my niece, who died in 2004. And I spent some time last night thinking about my sister (who passed in Feb. of '07). I was looking at an email forward, thinking, "Oh, I should send this to Karen." Only, they don't have email in heaven. Well, to my knowledge, anyway.

It's the "everyday" things like that that are still hard. Not being able to pick up the phone and make a call. Not being able to send an email. Yes, the pain lessens over time, but sometimes we slip back into that "Oh, yeah. . .I forgot he/she's not here" mode again. Weird, huh?

So, I for one am glad you have this site. It gives me a place to come and walk through my own grieving, and it helps to see all of the many things God is doing in your life/world. And by the way, great book review. I am looking forward to your book. I wonder if it was in the latest batch that I just received. I have a huge stack of books in my TBR pile.

Love you girl. Keep on keepin' on!

Mary Connealy said...

I think you're very wise to recognize these love notes, Darlene. Too many of us sleep walk through life and miss the wonderful small things that make life rich.