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Thursday, May 22, 2014


I finished Lacy William's novella this week and now I'm in the middle of my first-ever foray into ya-zombie fiction. I don't know zombie mythology but the story is actually more compelling than I expected, with the heavy hand of big brother ready to fall on these nerdy kids' necks. The book is Gameland by S.W. Tanpepper.

Writing-wise, I figured out that at my revised goal of 1K a day, I have contracts to keep me busy through October (and beyond). So I hunkered done and revised 22 devotions of the 30 I need to turn in ASAP. This project, learning more about women whose names I didn't recognize (many are mentioned only once) has challenged and blessed me.

I also wrote a devotional for a summer handout at independent Christian bookstores--thanks to CAN (one of 30 we're doing). The theme was "summer." I struggled with it until I brainstormed sights and activities that I associate with summer. When I got to crops, my mind went ding! ding! ding! The story of how Egypt, Vermont got its name and the background of my story, Bride to Love. Bride to Love is one of a five-novel anthology coming out this summer: The New England Romance Collection.

And to cap off this week: Here is the cover of my next Heartsong book, Saving Felicity.  (Book #7 set in Maple Notch, but contemporary this time.)

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