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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Poetry Zone May 14-20, 2014

Prompt was: Some things go without saying. And sometimes there isn’t a right time to say the obvious. Think of  about seven (7) of the worst things you could say to someone who was just dumped. Make three of them the first lines on a three (3) stanza poem on the subject! 

My response:

Happily Married—Not

Not good enough for you, my father said
Was I the fool for choosing him back then
When fears of dying lonely filled my head

 Too far away from them, my mother penned.
Her grandchildren on Mother’s Day—her due
More important for us, my man of men

 Control brought pleasure to him, friends saw clues
Too much, submit, too much, enough, no more
My head held high, my days unfold like new

The form was a Tyburn, "a six line poem consisting of 2,2,2,2,9,9 syllables. The first four lines rhyme and are all descriptive words. The last two lines rhyme and incorporate the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lines as the 5th to 8th syllables." I missed the 9 and wrote 8 instead but these were more fun:

Children at Play
Children at play spinning, grinning,
We all fall down, pinning, winning

inspired by Jaran's description of Jordan and Isaiah playing at the local water park
Nature's Lace
The spider works weaving, reeving
When web is shred, grieving, leaving       

trying to think of "nature" themes, I thought of the rare spiders we see here. . .

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