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Monday, May 12, 2014


How not to build an internet following: inconsistent postings of interest and writing without a specific focus (except me, myself and I.)  :)  Great appreciation to all of you who've stayed with me through it all!

This time I have a good reason: I spent a month at the hospital.  Wound care, which is largely healed. (But even after a month, not completely).  Wound caused by pinching my leg on the commode. Weird, huh?

So I am home again. With a slight shift in perception. To  continue to write diligently, but not at the same pace. I write because it's who I am, and I have so many stories I want to write and devotionals I hope to write (and publish). 

But it's time to focus more on my neighbors, to take a more active role in daily activities here at the nursing home, and to respond more to the requests and needs of my online friends who have poured love to me over and over. If I could write a thank you note every day for the rest of my life, would I reach everyone who has made a difference in my life? Whether I do or not, it would sharpen gratitude and raise the temperature of my daily moods.

Also thanks to my hospital stay, I get PHYSICAL THERAPY at last. So another activity for my daily schedule. A very welcome on.

My son gave me a marvelous mother's day. Last weekend he showed up at the hospital with the movie Frosted which we watched together on my computer--a gift both of time and of sharing his interests (and the grandbabies.) I was tickled when I laughed at a scene just as Jaran said, "Isaiah always laughs at this part."  Way to go, grandson!

This morning, he showed up with cupcakes. We ate cupcakes with coffee and chatted for about an hour before home he went to enjoy the day with his own special lady. Putting me first on the day, and remembering my preference for cupcakes to celebrate.

I recently read a great quote about writing: Don't write for 100 readers to read your book now. Write for ten readers in ten years. . . write for one reader after a hundred years.

If anyone reads my books in a hundred years. . .an unimagined blessing. And one I will be unaware of.

Happy May!  If the blog allows it, I'd love a hello from my friends!


gazette94 said...

Hello Darlene, I just write to let you know that I am reading your book "Beacon of love" and I totally enjoy the story. I am french, living in Paris with my scottish husband and my son.
Since I have my Kindle, I find lots of wonderful books like yours, thank you !

Darlene Franklin said...

Thank you for your note! I am thrilled to hear that I am being read in Paris. I'd love to hear you and your husband's love story.