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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Reading and Writing March 6-12, 2014

I am debating whether or not to enter the "Poem a Day" challenge sponsored by Writers Digest in April. I am enjoying my poetry writing, but I am highly busy . . .

Writing wise, I have made decent progress on my devotional writing assignment for Women of the Bible. Ooh, next I have the woman at the well. I wonder what God will show me this week . . .

I've made a very small amount of progress on my next Heartsong book.

Most of my time has gone toward teaching my online class on Fearless Research for ACFW. More people than I expected have jumped into the class, and it's a joy.

Reading-wise, I am reading an international thriller,  Killing Faith by Eric Myer. I'm also reading a lot of about women of the Bible. Confession: I don't read these books except when I'm doing research. I want to be sure my insight doesn't go against a more studied approach of the women.

Oh, yes, I made my deadline on edits to Saving Felicity. I also mailed my signed contracts for Women of the Bible. I am still waiting on word about the two pending proposals.

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