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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Reading and Writing March 20-26, 2014

Ah, spring. What a lovely time.

Let's see. I've written two poems, edited three devotionals and sent them in. I worked on a couple of tough ones--about the 10 wise and foolish virgins, Samson's wife and Sapphira. Now I have to choose from an abundance of material about Sarah for three more.

As far as Runaway Love, I am officially over half-way. Telling myself that 200 words is better than none.

I finished reading Angels Watching Over Me by Michael Phillips. It is beautifully written, makes me want to find out what happens next, unlike most series openers. (I know they give the first book for free to encourage readers to buy book #2 and so on).

I also read a short story by one of our local OKC writers, For Mercie's Sake by Sharon Srock. Check it out--see for yourself of how ordinary can make a difference, becoming God's instruments of mercy.

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