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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

POETRY March 12-18, 2014

I wrote only one poem this week.

The prompt was "take nothing for granted," to write about something others would overlook. What jumped to mind was the tattered teddy bear I take to bed every night. He is one of the last things Jolene gave to me. I named him Michael, her favorite boy's name. 

Of Jolene


Where is Michael?

Velveteen bear rescued from the rubbish

Matted, lumpy, dirty and broken

No velvet nor bow of satin

Only a memory of the way things were


Where was Michael born?

Brown head, red bow and beady black eyes

Popped out of paper of green, red and blue

Gift-giver sings of the manger

Infant slumbers calm the fears


Where is Michael?

Joins his brothers on the shelf, forgotten

Phone rings, Michael clutched to breast

Talisman of happy times

Michael is found, but his mother is lost


Where is Jolene? With Michael, next to my heart

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