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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Reading and Writing March 13-19, 2014

This week I determined to fill the empty spaces with writing. I've done better. . .but not as well as I would like. A work in progress. I still wonder how I've managed to write thirty books. :)

This week I have better excuses than usual: I am learning a new computer. The schedule at the nursing home has been more erratic than usual. I had a chance to enter a proposal for a book, which took the better part of a day. Therapy actually worked with me several times. And so on.

What did I do?

I'm about halfway through the devotionals. The ones who are well-known--such as Rebekah and Ruth--have so much material that I hunt for the verses, the ideas, that speak to me and hopefully to my readers. There are other characters--such as the ten virgins waiting for the bridegrooms--who befuddle me.

Still ahead lie women I've never heard of.  Taphath, anyone? Maybe Tahpenes?

Still, I have passed the half-way point on Runaway Love and the devotional book. I also have been promised a contract for another novella, but I can't give any details yet.

As for what I'm reading, I finished Killing Faith by Eric Myers. As expected, the hero was someone of extraordinary physical stamina and courage, a highly trained black ops kind of spy. The heroine was his equal, only more of a by-the-books traditional CIA agent. Her name was Faith, and she worked undercover as a Russian Orthodox nun. The experience changed her, while not converting her.   Well-written enough. I would read this author again but probably wouldn't seek him out.

I just began Angels Watching Over Me by Michael Phillips. It captured my heart with the first page and I want to devour it. So I bet I'll have read it all by next Sunday and I can tell you all about it.

I'm also reading a novel about Fire Island, which has inspired an idea for a romance about wreckers in the Florida Keys. Who knows, I might to write that some day. 

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