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Monday, June 1, 2009

Hallelujah Time

The day I wrote my last post, I received some disappointing news (writing related, of course!) and my spirits plummetted from giddiness to a bad bout of self-pity. There are a lot of scary things ahead, starting with the lack of a job in Oklahoma.

With God's help, I could affirm some bed rock truths:
God wants the best for me--even if His definition of the best doesn't match mine.
God loves me even when I'm throwing a pity party and He'll carry me through to the other side.
My definition of success is short-sighted. I want God's approval more than man's--although man's affirmation is always nice.

My dear son prayed with me, and I began to feel better.

After that bottoming out time, God began to pile blessings on. On Friday I turned in my resignation and paid my last month's rent--tangible signs that the move is coming near.

Also on Friday I received my author copies of Beacon of Love. Yay! Those of you who are members of the Heartsong Presents romance club should receive it soon, and anyone else ... you can contact me, or Barbour, directly.

On Saturday, several faithful church friends showed up. One gentleman moved out the boxes and furniture I had designated for donation. Two ladies stormed through Mom's room and packed it up. The task ahead is still daunting, but no longer seems impossible.

Best of all, I learned that my middle granddaughter Shannon received Christ at church camp. Praise the Lord! She will be 10 this summer, and her salvation has been much on my mind.

Thank God for His faithfulness and goodness when I'm so far from faithful.

P.S.: If you are interested in winning a free copy of Beacon of Love, please post to this blog with your contact information. (john dot smith at msn dot com)


Susan Page Davis said...

I enjoyed this book! I've only been to Rhode Island once, and it was in the 21st century. It was fun going back in time with you.

Tami said...

I'm so sorry about the disappointments, but just LOVE it when God continues to show his faithfulness. We are rejoicing with you on the salvation of your granddaughter!!! :)