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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Full mind or Mindful

I'm too scatterbrained this morning to write much sense.

In fact, my mind started racing so quickly when I got up that I forgot my quiet time. Thank God I remembered it when I went back to get dressed, and spent a few minutes with the Lord.

Since Monday, three writing buddies came along and helped me pack up half the house. Thank you, thank you!

Last night, the music minister at our church had told me "You WILL come to choir on Wednesday." Why, I wondered. The choir wasn't scheduled to sing again until June 14th - when I'll be gone.

Was I surprised--thrilled--honored--when he asked me to sing a solo with the choir for this Sunday. It's the first time at this church, and I have been singing nonstop since he asked.

So pray for me as I pack up the remaining spots around the house and as I sing on Sunday. Pray for the book proposals out there, for my job situation in Oklahoma.

And if you like, I'd love to see you at the morning worship service at Arapahoe Road Baptist Church on Sunday morning. (10:30)


Ruthie said...

Good for you. I'm thrilled that you'll be singing! What a way to go out of your choir there!

I would love to hear you - but have to sing at our own CHurch.

Praying for your move.
Hugs. ruthie

Grateful Grammy said...


How wonderful! I look forward to this special music on Sunday! I will be there, sitting in my usual pew.

Grateful Grammy