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Monday, June 29, 2009

Mountains and Valleys

This past weekend I got to dive into the Oklahoma Christian writing community by attending the 2nd annual W.I.N. (Writers of Inspirational Novels?) conference in Tulsa.

How many people worked together to make it happen for me individually--Dianne back in Denver who paid my way. Janet from Edmond who drove three of us up to Tulsa. Josanne who worked tirelessly to find me a hotel room and Vickie who put me up for a night. The numerous people who welcomed a newcomer and talked with me. I got to meet Margaret Daley and Brandt Dodson, two of my favorite authors.

The weekend was the mountaintop. Tulsa is hilly and lush and green. By the time you get to Oklahoma City, the plains have about started and it's no longer hill country.

I almost didn't go. Mom had a stroke on Thursday. She's in the hospital.

She appears to be doing well. The stroke affected her tongue; swallowing is hard. She doesn't want to do the exercises, but without them, eating and talking will be hard. We don't know when she'll return to the Assisted Living center, but it may be soon.

She insisted I go ahead to the conference, so I did. I am so thankful I was here when it happened, and not back in Denver.

Thanks for your continuing prayers.

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