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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Three Girls

I spent several hours with my grandchildren yesterday--Savannah, 13, Shannon, not quite ten, and Jordan, 6 months.

Savannah and Shannon had already been hatched when they joined my family. My first memories of Savannah are of dashing through a water sprinkler on a hot summer day (when she was still young enough to enjoy such things) and convincing her that Jaran's Mom could be cool. She survived a difficult first year of junior high and has matured into a sweet young woman.

Shannon had adopted every animal on her Mimi's farm when I met her. Unfortunately, the bunny rabbits and chicken died. But now she has rescued a box turtle named Peyton and is keeping it as pet. So far the cat Pinky hasn't decided to devour it. Whenever I turn up, she pulls out a game and challenges me to a new round of Wii or cards or whatever.

And Jordan--well, you've heard me talk about her plenty.

I came home in mid-afternoon, happy and drained. A friend told me "Good. That's what you moved to Oklahoma for."


Now for finding some friends that AREN'T members of my family. A bit lonely so far ...


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Robbie Iobst said...

Miss you Darlene. Before you know it, Oklahoma will be your home in every way. It took me over a year to settle into Denver and I still miss California at times, but I love my new place. It's so good to keep up with you via blog and email!