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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jolene Speaks

God oh my God
What a God are you
In this life is just a taste of what is to come
I hear you calling out my name
and I shall run to you and
you shall embrace me in your loving strong arms.
You say have faith little one
as I walk through the valley of death
Even as I am blind I know he is there guiding teaching me
I walk through the trials of my life
when I am done you stand there
to greet me and give me encouragement
for another life trial.
You give me hope to lean on you, hold me up straight
when I fall down you place a kiss
and wipe off all the dirt and grime
and tell me to try again and I fail
don't worry I still love you as much
as the beginning of time.
I love thy God for all he does and
the price he had to pay for me.
Jolene Franklin

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