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Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Tunes

This morning I found myself singing "Boots, boots, boots." I was fetching my snow boots to wear yet another time, sigh. The dusting of snow we received during the night has turned into a normal snow storm--on the 27th day of April.

The silly song represented the last few days for me. I've been singing snatches of hymns, praise songs, and plain old made up songs for hours every day. The sillest one? "May 1st is a week away." Yesterday I adapted the lyrics. "May 1st is still five days away." (Maybe we'll have a snow-free May? I hope so!)

I sing when I'm happy. I sing when I'm sad, to cajole myself out of the mood. When I can't stop singing, that's usually a good indicator that I'm feeling great.

In spite of the snow.

Here is a poem I wrote many years ago, celebrating snow. One of my favorites.


Heavens telling, snow falling
Winter white, God is calling
Hear His voice soft and low
Gentle as new-fallen snow

Catch His words one by one
Flakes glittering in the sun
Heavens telling, snow glist'ning
Winter white, are you listening?

1 comment:

CoFun77 said...

Great poem, Darlene. I like it. Especially the "ing" verbs and the meter. And I love being out in nature as it expresses his divine nature.