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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cats vs. Dogs

An oldie--but--goodie joke goes like this:

A man does everything for his dog. He feeds it, gives it a home, takes it for a walk, and lavishes love on it. The dog thinks, "Man must be a god!"

A man does the same things for his cat. But the cat, on the other hand, thinks, "I must be a god."

I can see all of cat-and-dog people out there nodding your heads and smiling.

This time, the dog's response has a lesson to teach us about faith.

Our heavenly father gives me my daily bread and keeps a roof over my head. He lavishes His love on me. He sent His own son--for me!

John reminds us that "we love Him because He first loved us." That's the dog's response. We recognize God as the source of all good things and love Him and follow Him.

But too often I'm like the cat. I feel like I'm entitled to all those wonderful things. Never do I call myself "god" with my words, but my actions proclaim my cat-like attitude. What makes me feel good and puts my needs first--that's how I expect God to treat me. I forget that He is God and I am but His creation.

Wow, look at everything He does for me! He must be God!

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