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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Changing Channels

In an effort to reduce my living expenses, I recently turned off Cable. That left me with three major networks, even if I lost some of my favoritie shows on CBS. Unfortunately, two of those three stations changed to all digitial broadcasting on April 12th. So I am left with Fox or ... well, you know ... Fox. (Yes, my tv watching has decreased.)

On the radio, our hockey and basketball teams switched stations last fall. They are now located on a hard-to-find AM station in the high ranges. I can usually tune in from the study; in the bedroom, where I often listen as I drift off to sleep, the static is so bad I can't understand the words.

Last night, I was headed to bed when the Nuggets' playoff game tipped off at 8:30. I tried to locating the channel on my bedroom radio; no luck. Then the thought occurred to me. What if the problem isn't the location ... but the equipment? I moved the radio from my study to the bedroom and lo and behold! Success. I could hear every play. (The Nuggets are now ahead in the series, 2 games to none. Maybe they'll get past the first round this year.)

By my own choice, I have limited what I listen to. A similar choice faces me when I go to work. Audio books fill my work hours. I have the Bible on CDs--64 of them--and I decided to finish my annual "reading" by listening to 1 CD every day before I start on something else. There are days when I don't want to listen. I am caught up in the story of my current novel, or don't want to listen to the warnings from the prophets. But I can choose to listen to God's word--filling my mind with His thoughts--or not. (I'm in the middle of Ezekiel. Talk about object lessons!)

Back up further, to when I get out of bed. My Bible waits by my bedside. I have no excuse for ignoring it and jumping into the day's routines. Yet there are days when I do exactly that, come back later and realize, I never had my quiet time today.

Changing channels. What do we choose to listen to?


Susan Page Davis said...

Good thoughts, Darlene. I miss some of my old fave shows, too, but not as much as I expected to. Maybe having access to so many entertainment options clouds our perception of what is important.

Ruthie said...

Good post. I also enjoyed the preceding ones. Had to read them all today - been busy with getting ready for several things at Church that I am in charge of. :)