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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Snow

I've been feeling a strange sensation this week: happiness. I'm singing and smiling almost nonstop. Last night's snowfall hasn't dampened my spirits (even if my knees and fingers complain).

In fact, I can see how God protected me through this recovery winter. We've had snow a few times. But we haven't had snow through February and March--normally the snowiest of the year. I haven't had to worry about slipping and reinjuring my knee. God is good!

On Tuesday I spoke on writing devotionals at our local Words For The Journey Christian Writers Guild meeting. 25 women plus children attended. How grand to see old friends. How wonderful to see new writers learning their craft.

A young man of ten shared a story with me. How exciting to encourage him to continue writing. Children of writers have an advantage...they learn by osmosis what we struggle through. (Both Jaran and Jolene are gifted writers. Do I use the present tense for Jolene? You know what I mean.) Oh, and the boy's name was Jordan. Like my granddaughter. Like a precious boy, now a teen, that I taught in Sunday school for years.

Oh, and this week I also learned that my rental application in Oklahoma has been approved.

In Colorado, even the snow speaks of spring, of the moisture needed to bring vegetation back to life.

2009 will be a time of new life for me. I'm sure of it.

1 comment:

Ruthie said...

It will be a wonderful time of renewal for you!
I'm so happy to read this post and see your happiness.
God bless you, my friend.