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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jolene Speaks

I am working my way through Jolene's things and came across a journal of her poems and essays. Please accept these mid-week offerings as a celebration of Jolene's life, not as an expression of grief.

The first group of poems comes from a journal titled "For the Birds." The cover features a colored pencil drawing of pink bird sitting atop an orange tabby cat's head. Vickie Baker, author of Reflections of Joy and my faithful writing companion for years before her death, gave it to Jolene at Christmas 2000. She taped a carnation in the front of the journal, a flower that had a special meaning for her. (We'll revisit that when we get to her God's Carnation story.) She made good use of the journal in expressing her thoughts. The following is her first poem after the Christmas season (I'll save those for next December).

Open on the canvas his works of art that he so brilliantly strokes.
He's painting a picture of you and me until our life ends.
Brilliantly strokes do shine working to paint
brilliant sun and sky to you and me.
On canvas he shall never cease.
By Jolene Franklin


Ruthie said...

Looks like she got some of your writing talent.

Great time yesterday at WFTJ. I enjoyed hearing you speak and learning from it.


Mary Connealy said...

I wish you nothing but happiness, Darlene. It's time.
God bless you.