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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Time to Transplant

Some time back--a year? two?--Mom gave Jolene a shamrock for her birthday. Jolene added "Shammy" to "Baby Doll" and to her delight, the plant survived and thrived.

The people who cleaned out Jolene's apartment brought Shammy over. She joined our (unnamed) garden, the first time in Mom's life that she has found a green thumb. I give all the credit to her, because I don't take care of them.

Jolene's single shamrock now boasts 2 dozen leaves. Mom brought home a new pot to transplant it before it outgrows its current home.

A vibrant, green plant, a living reminder of the love between grandmother and granddaughter.

A reminder that like the plant outgrows the pot and needs to be transplanted, Jolene has been transplanted into the richest soil of all, her heavenly home.


Deb said...

Hi Darlene, glad to hear you're smiling. It's good to have sentiments to keep going, my husband still has a plant from his mother's funeral of two years. It has begun to look a little weak no matter what we do for it. I guess having these things makes us feel that we are keeping a part of them alive. I had one too, but as time went by even as hard as I fought to keep it alive I could'nt, it was as if the Lord allowed me that something to nurture and then it was time to let my heart be my keeper of memories. There will come a time when it seems all those things will somehow pass on one by one, but you'll be fine, the heart will sustain and the Lord Is Good.

July 8, 2008 9:02 PM

Mary Connealy said...

My mom has this shelf of plants that seem to want to take over her home, many of them left from my father's funeral.

My mom has a green thumb. I had no idea. We never had plants during my growing up years. Of course there were eight of us in a three bedroom house. No doubt we destroyed any plant that was unfortunate enough to find it's way into our home.

But now, we're all grown adn here is this creative, living gift of my mom's. I suppose we were using up all her 'green thumb' gifts when we were young.