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Monday, July 21, 2008

A Grief Unveiled

Today I passed another minor milestone. I finished the second (and last) book I purchased on the subject of the death of a child: A Grief Unveiled by Gregory Floyd.

Although Floyd's son John-Paul died as a child in a car accident, the chronicle of grief echoes strongly with my heart. Time after time I paused and reflected, "Yes! Someone who understands! Someone who put it into words!"

I read another one of those statements today. Floyd says, "Often people think the theological reasons for hope displace the psychological reasons for grief. They do not .... One experiences heaviness, pressure, desolation, loneliness, sadness, disruption in patterns of eating, sleeping and relating. One is exhausted emotionally and physically. This does not mean one has no hope; it simply means one has an abundance of grief." (page 189)

Floyd speaks eloquently of seeing John-Paul again in heaven. His hope is real.

But so is his grief.

The same is true for me.

In some small way, I hope I can be like Gregory Floyd for those who read my blog. If I can help someone to feel less isolated, if I can allow people minister to me, I will have succeeded.

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Ruthie said...

I'm sure you will be able to help others who are going through this same heartbreak. II Cor l:3&4 speaks of this.