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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Tonight I watched So You Think You Can Dance. Mom and I are big fans of the show.

If you watch the show, you know who Will is: a contemporary dancer trained under Debbie Allen. Tonight he was voted off (I still can’t believe it!) '

One night he wore a T-shirt with the logo "I Will" on it. It was one of those other unexpected reminders. Jolene's email address was "IWillRichard." She chose that name because if she had been a boy, she would have been named William Richard.

Jolene spoke from at least four different personalities. No, she didn't have multiple personality disorder, and she was always aware when she shifted her point of view. But it was disconcerting to hear her refer to herself in the third person. William Richard was one of those four personalities. A part of her desired the dominance and power often associated with masculinity.

I didn't understand the four personas. I told Jolene that as she healed, she would become one.

I miss you, Jolene, Jojo, Little Bit, and William Richard--and whatever is the new name God has given you in heaven.

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Mary Connealy said...

IN everything you do, you miss her. I'm so sorry for your loss.