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Sunday, December 9, 2012


Last night at supper my computer friend said, "Today refused to stay bad." He went on to explain why--how he had expected a bad day upon awakening, but the day went well in spite of his forebodings.

Today was like that for me.

A cold front is pushing through Oklahoma today. For "cold front," as anyone with arthritis knows, read, "PAIN."  I woke up at 5 a.m. with my legs cramping. They didn't stop until noon. On a day like this, I keep my mouth closed (except for an occasional whimper from the pain) and pray that it gets better. 

The pain did get better. I added a blanket over my legs, walked a few steps, and took my noon time pain pill. Much better. The day was on its way to being "not bad."

Then one of the residents made the round of the lobby, asking each and every woman if she wanted to have her nails painted. As she painted my nails a shiny pink, I told her how I admired her generous spirit--whatever she has, she shares with those around her. 

Next, a church arrived. They stayed for a solid hour, singing hymn after hymn and then passing out Christmas cards. At the end the pianist (clearly uncomfortable behind the piano) said she was the third or fourth string pianist and she wished she didn't have to play. Of course, I offered--and so I have a new "job."

They left . . . I returned to work. One of the residents, who had missed the hymn sing, came in, and begged me to play. So I did, until my leg hurt and my throat grew sore. 

Oh, and an aide went out for me to buy the hot chocolate the kitchen was missing as well as a box of chocolates.

Supper time. For supper on this cold, cold day, we hat piping hot chili with cheese. Just my kind of meal. 

And although I haven't spoken with her, today is precious Jordan's fourth birthday. 

For a day I didn't expect to be good, God turned it into an extra special day. 

An early Christmas present from a loving Father. 

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