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Monday, May 11, 2009

Willful Disobedience

My cat Talia has taken to disobeying me every chance she gets. You see, she loves green grass. With the advent of spring and recent rain, the lawn is positively lush.

So every time I open the door, she dashes out. Let me restate that. She dashes out, as long as I'm going out at the same time. Of course, I'm only going outside when I'm leaving. I don't have time to chase after her.

She runs away when I call her (of course). She doesn't understand that my concern is for her safety. Cats make tasty tidbits for coyotes that occasionally roam our neighborhood. She was a stray taken to the animal shelter when I got her ... that's another possibility. She could disappear one day, and I would never know what happened to her.

So I warned her, exasperated, of the danger she was in. That if she persisted, I would have to lock her up in the bathroom when I leave to prevent her running out the door. And what kind of day would that be?

Not that she understands. She just knows that I'm angry with her for some reason. Oh, and yes, she knows I don't like her to go outside.

I recently finished listening to the prophets of the Old Testament. God warned His people over and over again--If you persist in disobeying Me, you will suffer the consequences.

They didn't pay any more attention than Talia does. They knew what they wanted and didn't quite believe the warnings God sent through the prophets.

The next time God warns me about something, maybe I should listen.

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