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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jolene Speaks: For Mother's Day

This isn't a poem and wasn't intended for anyone except for me. But it meant a lot to me when I read it as I went through my files.

Picture a boy and a girl dressed in old-fashioned, hobo-like clothes, standing on a traintrack. The verse says "On the road of life ... it's not where you go but who you're with that makes the difference." Jolene filled the blank space with her hard to read handwriting and this is what she said:

Your love and supporting got me to where I am today. If not for your sacrificing I would not be as adult. You taught me so much about life. Money. Debt. Choosing a house. Detention. Good employee skills. On the road of my life you were always there.

Taught me about God is first, be my first. You came as a role model as well as anything I can dream. God is love, and He knew we would need each other. You rock me still, you rub my back. I cannot tell you in words how much I love you. My heart reaches out with God, surrounding you, to give you a hug.

Here she drew a picture of arms hugging a heart, with the words God, me, Mom written in the middle.

Love, Your Little Bit (nickname) who is no longer a kid but your adult daughter who will always be your little bit.

On the envelope, Jolene wrote To my mother: For I could not wish for a better mother on earth, it was destiny for us. With all the love in the world, your JoJo.

Thank You, Father, for the words from beyond the grave. You and my girl are still hugging me tight.

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