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Monday, September 15, 2008

A Word from Jaran

This week is the 6 month anniversary of Jolene's death. I'll be writing more about that on Thursday.

It's on my son Jaran's mind as well. He sent us a beautiful card. White laser-cut tree branches over a red sun in an orange sky. He wrote a thoughtful note, and he's given me permission to share it with you.

Jaran is studying the Chinese language this semester, so that's the background for his comments.

Dear Mom & Grandma,

Just wanted to send you out a letter. This week will be a tough one as we hit all these aniversaries.

I thought this card was appropriate for the occasion. I have learned that the Chinese believe red is an expression of life. Red is characterized as such because it is reminiscent of flowing blood. White symbolizes death because it is the complexion of a corpse. In China, white is the traditional color worn at funerals.

In the foreground of this picture is an array of white. The white has texture and is tangible. But rising in the background is the red orb of the sun, warming the picture and reminding us that life is omnipresent and is much larger than anything else we may experience. To me this is a picture of hope, and I wanted to share it with you two.


Your (Grand)Son

Life shining in the midst of death. It is indeed a beautiful image.


Ruthie said...

Hi Darlene, This will be long, but as we had our devotions the other day and were reading from "Our Daily Bread", I thought of you - so will copy some of what it said.

"When I asked a friend how she was doing 4 years after the sudden death of her husband, she said, 'I feel I am healing. Tears tend to burn my eyes rather than pour down my face. To me, that is a measure of healing.'
How fitting are those words to describe the changes that happen as the years pass for grievers who have endured an unexpected loss.
Scripture pormises comfort in our suffering (2 Cor. 1:3-7), but that help does not come all at once. In fact, from what I have heard, our desired healing may not arrive completely in this life. This is what others tell me who are further down the road of grief than our family is, 6 yrs after losing our teenager Melissa. In the midst of our pain, we entrust our lives to God's sovereign direction, but we also realize that gnawing sadness will always reside in our hearts.
Indeed, God has promised that He will wipe away all tears in heaven (Rev. 7:17) but until then the healing will be incomplete. Grief lessens but does not dissipate. The psalmist said that while God's Word gives life there is still the combination of 'comfort in my affliction' (Ps. 119:50). Even in life's toughest circumstances, we can, with God's help, enjoy a measure of healing." written by Dave Branon on Sept 13 of the 2008 Our Daily Bread

I just thought this article may be helpful to you as it is written by someone who has gone through similar circumstances.

Praying for your upcoming surgeries also.

Darlene Franklin said...

Thank you for sharing, Ruthie. How true, how powerful.