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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dining Out

First, some housekeeping: I have changed the settings on the blog so that you don't need a Google account to leave a comment. For those of you who have tried to post in the past and couldn't? Please try again!

Jolene remains right under our (Mom's and my) skin. Not a day goes by that we don't remember something that brings tears to our eyes. It's constant. Yesterday we ate at the Red Lobster for the first time since Jolene's death. Mom looked at her lobster tail and said "cockroach." I understood the reference and choked up. Because the last time we ate at the restaurant, Jolene was with us and she said the lobster's feet reminded her of a cockroach.

Mom said, "We should go back to Three Margaritas some time."

I thought about it. "We haven't been there since ..."

"No, we haven't," she agreed. The family ate there after Jolene's memorial service but not since.

Jolene loved Mexican food and Mom can tolerate very little; so we only went there when Jolene was with us. On some level, I am waiting for her to come back before we go again. I can't even write the words without crying. I suggested we dine there on the six month anniversary.

The 17th of this month will be six months. How can half a year have passed? Life goes on, and we are facing new challenges. But the loss is just as raw and the ache is so deep that only God can comfort us.

God gave me the promise of Psalm 18:32-33: God arms me with strength; he has made my way safe. He makes me as surefooted as a deer, leading me safely along the mountain heights.
I am trusting God that after my surgery, my legs will once again be strong and "surefooted as a deer." Maybe I will even hike through the mountains once again. Please claim this promise with me!


Darlene Franklin said...

I'll try again. Every place we go to eat reminds of of Jolene. Our habit was, and continues to be, to eat out on the weekends. Jolene was with us on the weekends. We see her ski[pping along outside Black-eyed Peas; sitting on the stone chili peppers outside of Chili's; remember her favorite choices at other restaurants; Mom enjoying fried codfish with her at Red Robin's. She is the unseen guest wherever we go.
We miss you so much.

Anonymous said...


Mary Connealy said...

Hi, Darlene. I'm traveling so I'm not checking in like I should.

Cockroach, huh? :) it's a funny, poignent memory.