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Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving This and That

I watched a bunch of Christmas movies on Lifetime network over Thanksgiving.

My stepfather must be on my mind (I blogged about him a few week's ago). One of the movies featured a much thinner Terry Gillespie (that is the actor's name who played John Locke on Lost, isn't it?) With his cap on, he looked a lot like Leighton.

Thansgiving night I spent with Jaran and his family. What can I say? Grandma time! Jordan adores having me around. She demands all of my attention; if my eyes drift away from her, it's "Grandma! Look at me!" doing something adorable, of course. She makes up for Isaiah taking one look at me and crying . . .

The national networks actually changed games in mid-stream and broadcast the end of the Broncos' game here in OK! And to my delight, I learned that my favorite football team has won 5 games with Tim Tebow at QB. And John Elway looks as handsome at fifty as he did at forty.

Countdown time on finishing Bride's Rogue in Roma, Texas. Only about 11K words left to write. It better get done this week!

And the Christmas rush begins . . .

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