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Sunday, January 17, 2010


James Qwilleran, human protagonist of Lillian Jackson Braun's "Cat Who" mysteries, writes a regular column for the Moose County Something. When he runs out of ideas, he asks Koko to choose a word from the dictionary and he writes 1,000 words on that subject.

That's how I feel today. What do I write about? Suggest a topic, any topic.

Not too many months ago I felt as though I would never make a friend here in Oklahoma City. Now, thanks largely to my church, I have people who call and email me. How are you? How is the car running? (The battery needed a charge during last week's cold snap.) Did you finish the book you were writing? Do you want to go to lunch? I now have new names to add to my prayer list, taking priority over Denver contacts I might not have seen for a year or more.

When I mentioned this to a dear friend, he asked me: "For a reasonably friendly (if not outgoing, and probably extremely shy) guy, I have difficulty making friends in new places ..... Any idea how I might change that?"

How I could relate. I told him how lonely I've felt at fellowship dinners where the only conversation is what I initiate. Have you ever felt that way? What would you say to someone in that quandrary?

Thanks to all of you who have proved to be such dear friends.


Susan Page Davis said...

I'll face that quandary soon, as we're moving to a new-to-us state. We'll have to find a new church, new friends, new everything. Children and grandchildren are good conversation starters. Look for something you have in common with someone. Are they reading a book by an author you like? Are they cross stitching on the bus? Do they have dog food in their grocery cart? Are they wearing a cross pendant? Just a few thoughts.

Ruthie said...

Good post. Glad you are finding nice friends there.
It takes time to build friendships - so don't be discouraged. :)