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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blank Page

There is little more daunting to a writer than a blank page. It stares at me, challenging me, making me doubt my ability to put anything meaningful into words, to match let alone improve previous successes.

I should know. I've had three "blank pages" in the past two weeks, writing first chapters for a number of different projects I hope will sell. And the beginning always seems heavy, uninteresting--nothing anyone would want to buy.

Yet a blank page is exactly how I want to be before God. I want to come to Him without my ideas pencilled in. To allow Him to write His plans, His thoughts, His prompts to action on my heart, day by day, hour by hour.

And then maybe the blank pages of my writing will fall into line.

FYI: Mom left the hospital on Tuesday and is in a skilled nursing facility for rehab.

1 comment:

Jan Parrish said...

And yet, a blank page is full of possibilities and promise.