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Friday, July 18, 2014


The good news: I started again on Runaway Love. The bad news: I seem to have lost 5-6K words somewhere, which I've had to recover. Oh, well, I have time!

More good news!  I received copies of my two new books this week. Saving Felicity is book #7 set in Maple Notch, Vermont, a contemporary romance between the owner of a failing B&B and the TV personality who comes to save her business. Colorado Melodies includes three contemporary romances with ties to Colorado (and common characters), including my first-ever book, Romanian Rhapsody.


As far as reading goes--I've started two books (about 50 pages), Anvil of the Craftsman and Yesterday's Road. Both were okay--but I've decided to set them aside. I've got over 80 books in the queue (mostly free), so why waste weeks on mediocre books? Shows the importance of a good start to a book.

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