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Sunday, July 6, 2014


I posted this in facebook a few days ago:

Don't worry about who reads your books today. Write for the one person who reads it a hundred years from now.--I heard that quote recently

Today God banged me over the head twice about trusting Him with my dreams. So--for reasons that have nothing to do with my skill or faith, but because of our awesome God--I am praying for God to expand my ministry through time and space in ways I cannot imagine.

It sparked a lot of comment so I thought I would expand on the subject.

The first mention was quoted in my prayer journal: Father God, please help me to accomplish Your dreams for my life.

About half an hour later, this appeared on the ACFW email loop: We live in a country where we are blessed to be able to pursue our dreams - and pursue them to the glory of God! Let us know how we can help. We are here for you!  from Betsy St. Amant and Georgiana Daniels

So what are my dreams?

I asked myself that last year, starting down my 60th birthday (four weeks from yesterday,  if you/re interested), and already living in a nursing home.

I felt more at peace--I thought perhaps God would open the door to writing about/for/advocating residents in centers such as this.

Not much has happened on that front. Instead, I got suckered into writing poetry. In February, I took a week off from writing fiction and got hooked. I've been encouraged to write more by having my poems chosen as "best of the week" four times already and also have a poem published in a literary journal for the first time.

So one dream is to write a "chapbook" of poetry with Jolene's poems and mine. . .

And my novels? I don't know. I'm still aiming for a 50-book mark, and hoping to self-publish more. I want to put together a devotional book to sell as an e-book. But no new, big dreams.

Another dream which I could never have envisioned a year ago--but which my physical therapist is aiming for--is living independently. Some form of assisted living, but in a private dwelling/apartment/however they work.

I basically laughed when she told me that. . .so many things I still can't do. . .but the reminder about dreams made me realize I have to believe it's possible. The day may come. . . not next month. . .but by next July? I may be out of here.

If anyone reads this. . .I would love to hear your dreams.

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