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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

POETRY ZONE MAY 28-June 3, 2014

Today is one of those high-as-a-kite days. Two of this week's poems, My World is Blue and Maya Angelou is Dead, were chosen as this week's blooms at

So here they are:

Prompt: "I Dreamed About. . ."


Once upon a time I was a Musketeer
Living a dream I didn’t know I wanted
Death knocked at my door, leaving me

Alone I entered my nursing home jail
Living a nightmare I earned by bad choices
Hospitals blew down my house of cards

Crippled I dozed in my chair on wheels
Existing in a vacuum I need help to survive
Air warmed me, body and spirit

Waiting I sensed unseen angel wings
Not believing, I could not deny them
Musketeers reunited, hope reignited

Form: Royal Rime


Today my world is blue and I am blessed
Pastel walls framed with wood and white welcome
Me, dressed in sky blue and sunflowers, guest
Blanket of walnut and fern, rub my thumb
Accents of tropical blooms my anthem
Shower cleanses me behind violet blue sheets
Aqua to robin’s egg, my life is sweet

Darlene Franklin ©2014

Maya Angelou is dead

Maya Angelou is dead
She spoke for rock, river and tree
Word-wrought spell brought light as it spread

She spoke for nations, worlds and me
Unique yet united are we

No longer caged by mortality
Her song leaps from star to star, free

Darlene Franklin ©2014

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