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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


No blooms awarded this week, but encouragement from a multi-published poet to submit my poem Angel for publication.  I also sent off my poem about "Please tell me I'm not a bad mother" to a possible compilation.

But here are my poems for the week.

The prompt was about lies--white lies like "How are you?" "Fine, thank you."

So this first poem is about which is: to lie or go along with a friend's delusion

The Angel

She holds her angel with newborn care
Feeding her spoons of applesauce.
The food dribbles down Angel’s chin.
“Look. She has two new teeth.”
Two perfectly shaped teeth
Peek over the bottom lip.

 She knows I know Angel is a doll.
But I tell her that’s okay.
She needs something to cherish
And protect and live for.
Living flesh or plastic doesn’t matter

 Now others bring their babies too
Meal time has become a nursery
And she has changed her tune.
“I know Angel is a doll.”
She tucks the baby in a blanket.
“I’m not stupid.”

Only confused.

Darlene Franklin ©2014

Please Tell Me I’m Not a Bad Mother

 I’m such a bad mother—consider
The facts—my son danced with drugs ‘til
His arrest, stomping my heart
Mental illness coiled ‘round
My girl, squeezing joy
‘Til she gave in
To despair                  
Bad, bad

Didn’t you hear?
Her heavenly song
He reads God’s word all day
I’m proud to claim him—surprise
He’s proud too. Mistakes? Too many
But in God’s rule, He rewrites the past

Darlene Franklin ©2014

Form: Quintella


I run from gunshots ev’ry time
A fire shoots sparks, and I draw back 
Those few who answer the attack
Go to not from that scary clime
From all deserve respect sublime

Imago Dei

In hands You made I feel the rain
My eyes search far across the plain
A single whiff smells stormy night
Go, taste the drops before they gain  
Ears hear the roll of thunder’s fright

Darlene Franklin ©2014


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